Pyramids that will really make you Sphinx!

5B have delved into all things Ancient Egypt this week! From creating fact file pyramids to researching why the River Nile was so important. The whole class has thoroughly enjoyed understanding such an impressive civilisation. This topic has sparked the imaginations of all the children and the Year 5 team cannot wait to see the finished projects at the end to show off all of your learning!

Dare to Den

Despite the blizzard like conditions, 5B made the journey to some local woodland to ‘build on’ (excuse the pun) their shelter construction learning and put this into practice in an outdoor, realistic setting. A massive thank you to the parents to either volunteered or came with us on our expedition!

To infinity and Beyond

The Space Projects that have been brought in this week have been one word. Phenomenal! Well done to everyone for immersing yourselves into our project, you have done yourselves proud. I can’t wait to see what you all produce for our Ancient Egyptian topic.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Anti-Bullying Week

CORAM Shakespeare Schools Foundation Workshop

Believe in your shelf!